Candidate: David Ewings

Filed in Recent News by November 30, 2017 has sent each of the 17 candidates in the upcoming by-election for the seat of New England a series of questions and we will publish their responses so you can compare each candidate. As each candidate responds we will publish their answers. You can click on 2017 New England By-Election to read more about each candidate.


David Ewings and Bec Lloyd with their dog

David Ewings: Labor candidate for the seat of New England, with wife Bec Lloyd with their dog.

1. What do you think are the priorities for the people of the Upper Hunter area?

Labor’s priorities for the Upper Hunter are improving access to high quality and affordable health care; funding our schools on the basis of the need of students and restoring penalty rates for the workforce of the Upper Hunter.


2. What are you major policies?

Access to high quality and affordable health care; proper funding for our schools, which are among the most disadvantaged in the country; and the restoration of penalty rates for workers.


3. Where do you live?

I live in Scone with my partner Bec.


4. Would you support funding for an in town rail overpass in Scone?

Labor funded the Scone bypass and it has taken the threat of this by-election for the Government to commit to the project. Labor will continue to support this critical nation building infrastructure project. I would fight for an in town overpass for Scone provided the community is behind the project.


5. Would you change section 44? Why/Why not?

If politicians put a proposal to the Australian people that made it easier for politicians to become members of parliament, I think the Australian people would rightly reject it. It is much easier to obey the law than to change the Constitution.


6. Would you support a bill for voluntary euthanasia?

That would depend upon what the bill proposed.  I would be broadly supportive provided all appropriate safeguards were in place to protect vulnerable people. The Labor Party allows all member of parliament a conscience vote on this matter.​


7. Do you support coal seam gas development?



8. Would you reopen/establish more federal government services in the Upper Hunter area such as the Medicare office?

I will fight to improve access to services for all in the New England electorate. The Coalition does not care about disadvantaged people, or the elderly. People are waiting ridiculous amount of times, to talk to someone at Centrelink. I’ve spoken to pensioners that have waited well over six months to have age pension approved. This has got to stop.


9. Would you support mining in the Upper Hunter area?

Mining proposals – as with all development proposals – should be assessed on their merits based upon the best science available. They should be planned to present with the best possible balance between agriculture and other uses of land.


10. What would you do to create jobs and growth in the Upper Hunter area?

The development of a fast and reliable broadband network service would open the regions to new business opportunities and new jobs. The renewable energy sector also represents huge opportunities.


11. Will you support the gay marriage bill? Will you support religious protections? Why/why not?

I support marriage equality and was pleased that it was backed by the New England electorate. If elected on 2 December I will vote in support of the legislation to change the Marriage Act.


12. Do you think there should be a renewable energy target? Why/why not?

The Turnbull Government is failing our international commitments and failing future generation of Australians. Labor is committed to a 45 per cent reduction in emissions in 2030 on 2005 levels, which is driven by our target of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Our renewable energy target will create jobs, cut pollution and put downward pressure on power.


13. Do you think the company tax rate should be lowered? Why/why not?

Labor will not support the Government’s plan to give multinationals a reduction in their tax.


14. What do you propose should be done with refugees?

Labor wants to see an end to the terrible people smuggling trade. Labor supports offshore settlement arrangements with the US and urges the Government to consider New Zealand’s offer to take refugees from Manus Island.


15. The majority of federal road funding goes to Sydney, what do you proposed to do to get more funding for the New England and where would you spend it?

If elected I will fight to secure the infrastructure funding the Upper Hunter and wider New England electorate needs to make our roads safe and efficient.  It is only because of this by-election that critical projects such as the Scone bypass and works at Bolivia Hill near Tenterfield, which were funded by Labor, have finally started to move forward.  It’s not good enough.


16. What would you do to make housing more affordable?

Negative gearing and the capital gains discount have not achieved their aim to boost housing supply and encourage the building of more new houses. This year, they will cost the budget over $10 billion. Labor will reform negative gearing and capital gains tax to improve housing affordability.