Michael Flaherty – Director

Michael Flaherty, director of Wavelength Group Pty Ltd.

Michael Flaherty, director of Wavelength Group Pty Ltd.

Michael Flaherty is a Director of the Wavelength Group Pty Ltd, which includes the business of Scone.com.au.

Michael was born and raised on a sheep property near Glen Innes. He spent most of his career as an agent in the Australian Federal Police and now works in the local mining industry after settling in Scone to raise a young family.

Michael complete a Bachelor of Science in Policing Studies at Charles Sturt University – Riverina before joining the Australian Federal Police and moving to Canberra. After several years in community policing he moved to Sydney and specialised in covert surveillance operations targeting illicit drugs, national and international fraud and terrorism.

Michael Flaherty is a specialist advisor to clients of Wavelength Public Relations for crisis management work. He is able to advise on ensuring public statements do not compromise any potential investigations, security considerations, management of security breaches, liaison and assistance to emergency services and government agency personnel, workplace investigations, advice on preserving evidence and taking and preparing statements for potential legal matters.

Michael’s skills also provide sound advice to the scone.com.au team on various legal, policing and community issues.

Michael has a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Newcastle and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Contact Michael Flaherty:
M: 0419 618 134

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