Dead Dogs and Destroyed Documents

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A VOLUNTEER at the animal pound in Scone has spoken out following the death of two dogs in their care and documents relating to one of the dogs being destroyed by staff.

“It should never have happened, we exercise the dogs one at a time but on this day a bull mastiff cross puppy and a kelpie were put in the exercise yard with a Shar Pei that was vicious with other dogs and would start run fights with other dogs,” said Ms Marchant.

“The mastiff was such a beautiful temperament and loved just leaning up against you,” she said.

“It (the Shar Pei) basically ripped the leg off the young mastiff which died and then it had to be put down itself.

“I was really upset and spoke to Matt Pringle at Council but he said all they would do was put a policy in place that only one dog is exercised at a time, so there was no real consequence for this happening and it just makes me sick,” she said.

“They have warned me not to rock the boat and they seem more worried about their own reputations than they do about the welfare of animals in their care,” she said.

“I was devastated this was allowed to happen, but it made it even worse that they tried to cover it up and destroyed documents relating to the mastiff,” Leah Marchant said.

Concerned at the cover up Leah took photographs of the torn up paper work for the dog, before placing it back in the bin where she found them.

Copies have been provided to, but she has not provided them to Council management first for fear of further retribution or further cover up. contacted Murrurundi resident Leslie Wand, who surrendered the mastiff puppy who said he was disappointed Council had not cared for the dog properly but praised Ms Marchant for speaking out.

“The dog had a really good nature and so I would have expected the Council to do the right thing by the animals that are handed into them,” said Mr Wand.

“There’s no excuse for not doing what you are supposed to do, you are charged for handing an animal in, about $65 and assured they are going to try and rehome them, so it is disrespectful for the people handing them in and the animal’s rights,” he said.

“The people dealing with them should be trained, I mean anyone who purports to be a ranger should know what to do with a dog that might be dangerous; is this guy going to go into a crocodile pen and hand feed them, because there was no policy saying he shouldn’t hand feed the crocodiles?  I mean come on,” he said.

“I am very glad she (Ms Marchant) has spoken out and she shouldn’t be reprimanded she should be commended for it,” Leslie Wand said.

Mayor Wayne Bedggood was also contacted for comment, but said he was unaware of the matters raised and did not feel he was in a position to comment until he had spoken with Waid Crockett, general manager of Upper Hunter Shire Council and a formal statement had been prepared.

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