Drought at the Checkout

Filed in Just In by August 2, 2018

SOME produce is getting harder to source with the drought impacting most of New South Wales and parts of Queensland, but Coles in Scone is keen to help local farmers at the checkout announcing $5 million in grants and interest free loans and are partnering with the local Country Women’s Association to distribute funds where they are needed most.

Carrie Edwards, manager of Scone Coles said she was proud the funds raised would go to people in our own community.

“People can make $2, $5 or $10 donations at all of our registers which will then be sent to head office for processing, but come back to the CWA ladies, local ladies who will do up packages and help the famrers where it is needed most,” said Ms Edwards.

“So many people are in dire straights now and it is really hard for them and with animals as well,” she said.

“We also do Buy a Bale at every register and we’ve raised several thousand dollars which all comes back locally,” she said.

“We are trying to support out local community and keep it here,” said Carrie Edwards.

The program is being rolled out by Coles nationally, so money from customers in the city will also flow through to towns in drought.

“A lot of people in the city are aware of what is going on with the drought, want to help and they know that without the farmers well they aren’t going to have the produce we sell, so we are trying to get everyone behind it,” she said.

“There are some things that aren’t available, but I suppose they are sourcing from everywhere around Australia in some areas that aren’t affected, but in this area and the top of Queensland there are really bad areas it has been affected,” Carrie Edwards said.

Coles has also recently trialed click and collect where their customers can go online and order, then staff gather all of the items for collection each day.

The smaller stores including Scone began with having five orders per day, which is being filled everyday and will now increase to ten a day.

Carrie Edwards, manager of Coles in Scone is proud to support local farmers contending with the drought.

Carrie Edwards, manager of Coles in Scone is proud to support local farmers contending with the drought.