Drought Doesn’t Dampen Show

Filed in Just In by September 14, 2018

THE Merriwa Springtime Show, on this weekend, has attracted a record number of cattle entries to the surprise of organisers.

“I was worried the drought would affect numbers, but it’s going through the roof,” said Rob Tindall, president of the Merriwa Springtime Show.

“Lots of poultry entries, our cattle section is much better than any of us expected, the sheep entries are really good and our prime cattle section we’ve got 200 head in that which is huge; it’s the biggest we’ve ever had,” he said.

“It’s really satisfying knowing that people are getting behind the program and I think they just want a release for a little while from the drought and the show seems to be it,” he said.

“Overall entries are equally good and in many places better than any before,” Rob Tindall said.

The Show which started day and finishes on Sunday afternoon is packed with exhibits and country fun.

This year there are two new events on Saturday the Wideland Challenge and the motorised eskie races.

“The Wideland Challenge is a lot of the silly things we did growing up on a farm, such as getting three people to walk on one set of skis together,” said Mr Tindall.

“There will be four age groups with events beginning at 3:30pm and finishing at 7pm,” he said.

“And there’ll also be motorisede eskie races this year, they begin at 3pm and go until 4:30pm,” he said.

There will also be focus on farm technology and innovation including the use of drones and GPS animal ear tags.

The Local Land Services will have a technology and drought support hub, running a program of sessions throughout the day: Drought Support at Springtime Show.

On Saturday the Show will stretch into the evening with Rock City Rock playing until 11:30pm.

For the full details of the Show visit the Community Calendar: