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Scone Court Report: May 2017

MAGISTRATE Prowse was faced with some testing moments this court session with non attendance and ill prepared prosecution cases. He noted that it has been a mystery of the local court for years that cars are available every other day of the year except on the list day for court.

A prosecution case was brought before the court with a new charge, but no statement of facts and when written facts were handed up Magistrate Prowse said if it was an academic piece of work it would be sent back with “have another go”. Magistrate Prowse seemed further exacerbated by the prosecutors long winded explanation and overzealous justification of his own opinion, prompting the Magistrate to say, “in my opinion I am reasonably confident that at this point in time it is my opinion that counts.”

During proceedings Magistrate Prowse is often asked for his legal advice, which as Magistrate he is unable to provide explaining, “I don’t give legal advice, when I was a lawyer no one listened to me anyway.”

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Gallery: Scone Cup 2017


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Before You Light Up

LAST season there were house fires in the local area which may have been prevented by proper chimney and fire place maintenance.

Adam Dewberry, superintendent of Fire and Rescue New South Wales said before people begin using their fireplace they should prepare properly.

“Make sure the chimney is cleaned at the start of each season,” said Superintendent Dewberry.

“The timber needs to be well dried to avoid excessive smoke and to prevent sap getting in the chimney,” he said.

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