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Court Report – Delayed

UNFORTUNATELY this month’s court report has been delayed from being published.

We require access to a range of documents presented in court to cross check information and were unable to access these documents, due to what was claimed to be a resource issue.

During the 18 months of court reporting we have not encountered a resource issue which resulted in us being unable to access the documents we are legally entitled to access.

We are entitled to access all of the documents presented to the court, except for matters which are suppressed, within 48 hours, so we will be back to the court on Monday to ensure the court system adheres to the legislation.

Veronica Antcliff the registrar of the Scone courthouse is exceptionally efficient and professional and we look forward to her return soon.

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Planning for Student Led Schools

DARCY Pittman from Scone High School said she will definitely look at people differently after spending the day at leadership summit with 110 students from 11 Upper Hunter schools.

“You can see people’s strengths and when you work together to combine those strengths more can be achieved,” said Ms Pittman.

The summit was organised by 18 local students who went to a national student leadership summit in Adelaide in February and were inspired to put together their own leadership event.

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Registered Nurses Not Needed 24/7

LAST month the state government voted 45 to 34 not to pass law requiring all aged care facilities to have a registered nurse on site at all times.

Jo Bailey, managing director of Quality Care said when she heard people in the local community voice their concerns that the law was not passed, she decided to hold an information session tomorrow to explain why so many people in the aged care industry supported the government’s final decision.

“I am just going to do a presentation on the facts around the whole RN issue in aged care,” said Ms Bailey.

“People don’t realise is they would have been signing a death warrant for all these small stand-alone facilities, overnight you would have had Murravale, Gumman Place at Merriwa, Merton Court and the one at Boggabri would close,” she said.

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Gallery: Scone Cup 2017


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Before You Light Up

LAST season there were house fires in the local area which may have been prevented by proper chimney and fire place maintenance.

Adam Dewberry, superintendent of Fire and Rescue New South Wales said before people begin using their fireplace they should prepare properly.

“Make sure the chimney is cleaned at the start of each season,” said Superintendent Dewberry.

“The timber needs to be well dried to avoid excessive smoke and to prevent sap getting in the chimney,” he said.

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