Joyce Thanks New England Voters

Filed in Recent News by May 20, 2019

The following is a message from Barnaby Joyce MP:

A special thank you to the people of the New England for placing their faith in me and the Coalition Government to deliver for them again.

To all the people in Scone and Aberdeen right up north to Liston and Tenterfield, to Inverell and Ashford and Walcha, and smaller centres like Nowendoc and Niangala and of course our big towns like the country music capital, Tamworth and the city of Armidale, this result is something that says to me I’m going to continue working as hard as I can on your behalf to respect the incredible honour that you have placed in me.

I’m so proud of my team, the National Party and what we achieved for rural and regional Australia and we will keep working to look after your interests, making sure we continue to deliver effective service, whether that’s on small issues or big infrastructure – rest assured my service to people in the New England will continue as strong as ever.

Votes are still being counted, but the number of votes to date are as follows:

  • Barnaby Joyce, National Party: 48,088
  • Adam Blakester, Independent: 12,961
  • Yvonne Langenberg, Labor Party: 10,951
  • Cindy Anne Duncan, United Australia Party: 3,931
  • Tony Lonergan, The Greens: 3,655
  • Rob Taber, Independent: 3,264
  • Natasha Ledger, Independent: 2,651
  • Julie Collins, Christian Democratic Party: 1,936