Leonie Wright Refused Bail

Filed in Just In by October 10, 2018

LEONIE Wright was refused bail today in Newcastle local court, no pleas were entered and the matter was adjourned to Tamworth local court on October 15.

The police facts of the matter state that on September 28 police were granted a firearms prohibition order and a weapons prohibition order, which were served on Ms Wright on October 8.

Police alleged when they served the orders on Ms Wright she refused entry to her premises and was charged with hinder police in execution of their duties.

Once police gained entry to her home they saw numerous bladed weapons, knives and swords, drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The items on premises which were in breach of the prohibition orders included:

  • 1 taser / knuckleduster
  • 1 black replica BB pistol
  • 1 black BB pistol magazine
  • 1 black BB pistol with a scope
  • 1 knuckleduster

Police alleged Ms Wright claimed she had no knowledge of the items seized and stated the pistols were toys and not hers.

Other items which were alleged to have been found on the premises include:

  • 1 small resealable bag with 1.14 grams of cannabis leaf;
  • 1 small bag with 0.61 grams of cannabis seeds;
  • 2 rifle scopes;
  • a number of digital scales;
  • a number of resealable bags, and
  • 1 medieval sword

The police then applied for and were granted a search warrant and seized all items.

Ms Wright was arrested for breach of bail, by committing serious offences while on bail.

In the police facts Ms Wright has an additional charge of possess prohibited drug which is alleged to have occurred on September 30 when Ms Wright came to the attention of police as she was driving her vehicle on Bunnan Road and was flagged as a suspended driver. Police pulled Ms Wright over and saw an ice pip and after a search seized 2 grams of methylamphetamine. Ms Wright was granted bail for the charge.

The matter was originally due to be mentioned in Tamworth local court, however due to technology issues it was heard in Newcastle local court.

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