Think and Look Twice

Filed in Recent News by October 10, 2017

LOCAL ambulance are encouraging motor cyclists on private properties to phone them if they have an accident as part of motorcyclist awareness month.

Last year motorcyclists accounted for 18 percent of road fatalities, but Mark Bell, station manager of Scone Ambulance said it was also important to remember motorcycle safety off-road.

“We do have a lot of dirt bike riders who get injured on their own properties and then take themselves to hospital, ” said Mr Bell.

“On many of these properties they don’t have mobile phone coverage so they have to get back to the house to raise the alarm and then many of them think ‘oh well now that I’m here, I’ll get myself to hospital'”, he said.

“But they are better to call us because they may have suffered a serious fracture or their injuries may worsen during the time it takes them to get themselves into town, whereas we can assess them and if needed we can call the Westpac chopper so they can get to the treatment they need quicker,” Mark Bell said.

The Centre for Road Safety is encouraging motorcyclists to be more vigilant about riding safely and reminding other road users to be more aware of motorcyclists.

“Motorcycle Awareness Month aims to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and improve safety for riders and other road users,” said Bernard Carlon, director of the Centre for Road Safety.

“Motorcyclists are often harder to spot because they are smaller than other vehicles and can blend easily into the background – a reason motorists should always check twice for riders,” he said.

“Motorcycles can also accelerate faster than other vehicles, which can make it difficult for drivers to judge the approaching speed of a bike.”

“Of course, road safety is everyone’s responsibility and motorcyclists also need to ensure their behaviour is safe – from choosing the right helmet and protective gear, to scanning for hazards and sticking to the speed limit.”

“Our goal is for all motorcyclists to Ride to Live,” Mr Carlon said.

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