Map: Dodgy Dog Trails

Filed in Recent News by August 3, 2018

THERE is currently an issue with dangerous and menacing dogs in Scone.

The map below was developed to show in which streets people have encountered problem dogs including attacks, being bailed up, or unrestrained dogs.

If you’ve had a “dodgy dog” experience please contact us to add the street where the incident occurred to the map and help making walking in our town safer.

To add a street to the map please contact us and provide the following information:

  • The type of incident: attack on person or animal; being bailed up or unrestrained dog.
  • Which street: just the block that it occurred in and which side of the street.
  • Date of incident: in general terms so that we know if the information was recent or some time ago.
  • A contact: We will NOT publish identifying information of contributors, but as a publisher we may need to contact you to verify any information we publish.

This is an issue occurring across the Upper Hunter Shire Council area and we will be adding maps for other townships, please feel free to contribute information if you live in another town in the Upper Hunter.

To contribute: email: or phone 0414 552 474.

PLEASE report menacing or dangerous dogs IMMEDIATELY – authorities only have 72 hours to seize a dog – it may prevent things escalating and other attacks from occurring:

  • In the case of an emergency phone 000.
  • DANGEROUS: If it is a dangerous dog which has attacked someone or threatens to phone Muswellbrook Local Area Command: 02 6542 6999
  • Ask police for an “event number” and record the number.
  • Phone the Council ranger: 02 6540 1199 and take a diary note of who you spoke to and when.
  • MENACING: If it is a menacing dog or unrestrained phone the Council ranger: 02 6540 1199 and take a diary note of who you spoke to and when.