Merriwa Soil Knowledge Network Day

Filed in Recent News by May 18, 2017

UPPER Hunter Sustainable Farming Group is holding an on farm soils field day at Merriwa on May 31 to explore solutions for common soil issues.

The day is aimed at providing practical solutions in addressing soil issues, learn how soil structure and chemistry can affect productivity, look at soil profiles and compare test analysis.
Topics covered include:

  • Exploring local ‘problem’ soils with productivity issues
  • Soil structure – compaction, stability & organic matter
  • Soil biology – ‘Life’ in the soil
  • Using soil tests to look at chemical issues
  • Just ‘What do the numbers on a soil test mean?’
  • Farmer-friendly aspects of classifying soil

Bring along a soil sample to the day as well as any recent soil tests you have previously had, the sample should be a spade-width square and deep, keep the sample in tact as much as is possible for best analysis.

WHEN: From 9am on Wednesday 31st May 2017
WHERE: “Kingslyn”, Depot Rd, Merriwa (over grid at end of road)
HOW TO ENROL: RSVP to Kim Fenley – Upper Hunter Sustainable Farming Group
Mobile: 0418 570743

Upper Hunter Sustainable Farming Group welcomes and encourages new members.