Michael Johnsen Faces Threat of Bankruptcy

Filed in Just In by November 8, 2018

By Des Dugan

A cloud hangs over the selection of candidates for the upcoming state election with Nationals sitting member Michael Johnson facing possible bankruptcy proceedings.

This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald reporter Kylar Loussikian writes Michael Johnsen is facing the threat over a business windup in 2011.

”Mr Walker died in January 2011 and his family have pursued Mr Johnsen for their 40% share of the mortgage broking practice ever since,” Kylar reports “threatening in April to take the matter to the Federal Court and seek orders for bankruptcy, deferring that action due to concerns about the impact of his career.”

A bankrupt can not serve in parliament.

Mr Johnsen contends the matter will be settled “any day now”.

He faces a pre-selection fight with Scone Upper Hunter Shire councillor James Burns this weekend.

The District Court in Tamworth issued the ordered to pay the Walkers in March 2018.

Also in Tamworth recently came the news sitting member Nationals Barnaby Joyce was in trouble with the pre-selection committee tied on a vote for his nomination.