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Scone Court House

THIS month Magistrate Prowse was again annoyed at documents not being available from the Director of Public Prosecutions office to the court and further confused by the inability of their representatives to appear in Scone court for matters when they readily drive through the town on their way to Tamworth court. But his blood pressure really rose at what he described as the definition of usury from the registry office which charged in excess of $40 for postage, when stamps only cost $1. Even after the matter had ended he continued to voice his outrage, “what an outrage…anyway I am outraged!! It is usury or gouging or both! Anyway, let’s move onto something else before my blood pressure goes any higher.” His consideration of concept of equality was less stressed, “that’s the funny thing about equality, everyone thinks they are entitled to be treated equally.” While he objected to the term “juvie” being used to describe gaol as being American and trivialising gaol he did refer to a phone as a lamb shank bone, which was an interested variation on the dog and bone.

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Anne McLaughlin at the opening night of the Scone Art Pize. Photo: Roger Skinner Photography.
Friday, September 15 DOUBLE BRITISH – Scone Community Amateur Dramatic Society What: Enjoy two British plays. The first play “Lunch Hour” is by John Mortimer, who was best known for…

Ongoing Issues

The Muswellbrook West mine proposal lies within the Muswellbrook and Upper Hunter Shire.
INVESTIGATIONS are continuing for the Muswellbrook West mine with the project not expected to be operational until the early to mid-2020’s. In the mine plan Idemitsu Australia Resources presented to the gateway panel the mine…