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Ready to serve breakfast to local school children: Ebony Laithwaite and Jo Wilson, in the Morning Bites van.
LOCAL students on their way to school can now grab a healthy start to their day at the Morning Bites food van. The van was the idea of Lee Watts, manager of…


Long-nosed Potoroo in the pouch at Aussie Ark.
TWO long-nosed Potoroos have been found in pouches at Aussie Ark this week, weighing approximately 0.3 grams, less than one Easter egg. The joeys will stay in the pouch between…

Ongoing Issues

Coal handling at the Dartbrook mine near Aberdeen
THE underground Dartbrook coal mine, located approximately four kilometres west of Aberdeen, was placed into care and maintenance mode by Anglo American in 2006, but new owners Australian Pacific Coal plan to restart the underground…