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FOLLOWING our story Second in Line for Rio published on April 18, where Lisa Martin highlighted the injustice of the government cutting off the disability pension for her fellow disabled athletes when they are overseas, we reached out to our colleagues in the metropolitan media to bring it to the attention of a wider audience.

Elizabeth Flaherty, Editor of scone.com.au. Photographer: Katrina Partridge.

Elizabeth Flaherty, editor

Currently the government cuts people’s disability pension when they have been out of the country for 28 days, which means many of our athletes have their pensions cut while they are trying to qualify overseas to make it onto the paralympic team.

Brady Halls from A Current Affair is a journalist I have worked with for many years and trust to interview people sensitively while holding others strongly to account.

With the platform of A Current Affair stories reach a national audience and the attention of decision makers.

Brady encountered several road blocks in trying to tell the story of our disabled athletes, but persisted and the results will air tonight on A Current Affair.

While the focus of scone.com.au is always 100% local news, a simple comment in passing from Lisa Martin has resulted in us being able to highlight an issue on a national stage and hopefully affect some change.

No story is too small or too big, if you have a story you think others may want to hear contact us.



Elizabeth Flaherty
Editor of scone.com.au