Remember It’s 9-1-1!

Filed in Recent News by April 19, 2017

TODAY local paramedic Mark Seccombe had his bike packed and headed off on an adventure across the United States for eight weeks.

As his colleagues wished him well they gave lots of advice on staying safe, most importantly that he remembers it is 9-1-1 if he needs to call ambulance on the other side of the world, not 0-0-0.

Mark Seccombe during his trip from Germany to Estonia.

Mark Seccombe during his trip from Germany to Estonia.

Mark and his partner, a paediatric doctor in Sydney, will be riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles on their bikes, before catching the train to the Canadian boarder and then get back on their bikes at Glacier National Park and ride approximately 2,500 kilometres to Yellow Stone National Park.

“I’ve always loved back packing, adventure travel and fitness and this combines all of that,” said Mr Seccombe.

“My bike weighs 20 kilograms and everything else is about 15 kilo, which includes everything we need to camp,” he said.

“Going back to the absolute basics of life, thinking about shelter, food and water, which just simplifies things,” he said.

“I rode from Germany to Estonia in 2015 and that was 3,500 kilometres and Seattle to San Francisco which was about 1,200 kilometres,” Mark Seccombe said.