Scone Stock Report: April 18

Filed in Recent News by April 19, 2017

By Stuart Sheldrake

THERE was a lighter yarding of only 750 yesterday, the best way to describe it would be a sprinkling of all types, but the market was very strong for all descriptions except for cows which sold to firm rates.

Trade cattle and fed cattle sold for dearer rates across the board.

Weaner heifers were probably firm to five cents dearer, weaner steers were about another ten cents dearer and some yearling type cattle they could have been ten to 12 cents dearer.

There is a demand for cattle at the moment and there may not be many around for the next few months, so people are starting to shop hard.

Cattle numbers are down and we’ve had a good fall of rain, we probably need another shower in the next fortnight just to keep things fresh.

Weaner sale tomorrow: Starts at 11am. There will be approximately 1,200 weaners and a few store cattle to follow.