Seeking the Family of Gaz

Filed in Just In by September 14, 2018

DARACON are hoping to reach the next of kin for “Gaz”.

UPDATE: The memorial to “Gaz” is for Gary Hall, who passed away on January 17, 1999. Gary was travelling to Sydney from his home town of Moree riding his trike. He collided with a truck near the 50 kilometre zone north of Scone. Gary was killed instantly. He is survived by his wife Shirleen, his daughter Genevieve Hall and son Peter Hall. The memorial to Gary will be temporarily moved during road construction for the bypass, but will be placed back. His family now live in Bathurst. Gary had a family connection to the area, as his grandfather was a great nephew of Ben Hall. would like to thank our community for helping to reach Gary’s family and they also appreciate how people have taken the time to share the post and find them. Now we can all spare a thought for Gary and his family when we pass by his memorial.

There is a memorial for “Gaz” as you approach Scone from the north, just before the 50 kilometre zone. (See images below)

In the next couple of weeks work will need to be done near the memorial and Daracon are hoping to speak to the friends or family of Gary to discuss the memorial and how the work may be undertaken, while being respectful to the memory of Gary.

If you have any information that may help put Daracon in touch with the friends or family of Gary, please contact Shay Riley-Lewis: or phone 0402 302 537.