Stock Report: August 7

Filed in Just In by August 7, 2018

By Stuart Sheldrake

THERE were 1032 cattle yarded at the Scone sale yards today, in probably one of the plainest yardings I’ve seen in some time.

A good number of the yarding was made up of cows and the majority of those suffering the conditions.

We saw all cows cheaper once again, but the plain cows are really starting to suffer.

The trade job, there was hardly a fat animal there today, the majority were calves taken off their mothers or store cattle and it was all softer too.

There was not the slide we saw last week but it was all easier again.

People are fairly good, they know when you give them a ring, they know what they are in for, with the market.

It will probably keep sliding until there is a significant break.

With the rain it hasn’t done anything for the market, we are past that.

If we had the same rain in a week and another little fall after that you might just start to see people with oats in be able to recover a bit for spring, if we got another 4 or 5 ml.

They are taking about a change at the weekend and it would be good to see a change in pattern.