Stock Report: May 9

Filed in Recent News by May 9, 2017

By Stuart Sheldrake

There were 1,215 penned at the sales today and approximately 200 export cattle, so back to normal rates after last week and definitely cheaper overall.

The yarding was of good quality plenty of weaners, yearlings and a few more feeder cattle.

Cows were 10 cents cheaper, weaner steers were probably 10 to 12 cents cheaper and on quality secondary lines may have been fraction more.

Heifers weren’t as bad, heifers might have been five or six cents cheaper for good quality lines, plainer were up to fifteen cents cheaper.

Yearling cattle were very similar at ten cents cheaper across the board.

Good finished kill cattle were definitely cheaper they were ten cents cheaper, so across the board it was ten softer.

There have been some good numbers about and a few more kill cattle come forward.

A few weeks ago if you went to book into JBS you could get in within a week to ten days, but now their booking is out to a month so there are a few cattle coming forward.

It’s coming back now to a point where both the processor as well as the producer can efficiently work.