Aussie Ark Takes On Weeds

Filed in Recent News by August 16, 2019

By Taylah Fellows

WEEDS are taking over the Barrington Tops and not for profit organisation, Aussie Ark has had enough.

The Scotch broom weed, which thrives in cool climates has ‘nearly taken over’ the Barrington Tops, increasing the risk of fire, killing native species in the area, altering nitrogen levels in the soil and providing shelter for feral species such as pigs and foxes.

Hayley Shute, curator of the Aussie Ark said the organisation will work with the Hunter Weed Authority to create a 400-hectare weed-free sanctuary to open in November. 

“Aussie Ark’s aim is to bring the bush back to what it was and see our native flora and fauna thrive once again,” said Ms Shute.

“We’re using a multi-faceted approach involving the use of fire, herbicide spraying and the cut and painting method, which is labour intensive but has the best chance of success,” she said.

“The vision of Aussie Ark is to establish a robust insurance population of Australian threatened, native mammal species and release them into sanctuaries protected from unnatural threats,” Hayley Shute said.

Tasmanian devils, eastern quolls and rufous bettongs will be introduced to the sanctuary once it becomes weed-free.

You can help Aussie Ark’s mission of saving endangered native wildlife from extinction by donating at: 


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