Australia Day Nominees Announced

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CR Lee Watts has chaired the Australia Day committee for 15 years and is as excited as ever for this year’s awards ceremonies.

“I always love our local Australia Day award ceremonies, because there are so many incredible people in our communities that deserve recognition,” said Cr Lee Watts.

“Volunteers are incredible people, doing a range of incredible things and the bush fires this year have really driven that home for us, when the chips are down we pull together,” she said.

“I hope to see lots of our local fire fighters nominated next year, not just for the work they have done recently, but for the work they do constantly, ready to be called out at anytime and not just locally, but helping out in other communities around the state and sometimes interstate.

“I’d really encourage people to nominate more people next year and we’ve made the process as simple as possible.

“Some towns have not had high numbers of nominees, but we know there are high numbers who deserve to be nominated there everyday working in the community.

“This year Aberdeen and Scone have combined their ceremony and while there are only a few nominees from Aberdeen this year, they are all incredibly deserving and the room will be packed with people applauding them for their incredible work,” she said.

“The Merriwa community have pulled out all stops this year, representing nearly half the nominees of the entire Shire, which is an outstanding result and I’d encourage them to do the same every year!” Lee Watts said.

The nominees for this year include:


  • Carole & Bob Johnston
  • Joan Johnston  
  • Janine Katon     
  • Miss Bella-Rose Partridge            
  • Ruby Brochtrup


  • Michelle Loft     
  • Lorna Parnell     
  • Christine Riley  
  • Edith Shipway   
  • Tash Taaffe
  • Julia Wilton
  • Tamika Drury    
  • Jackson Keane
  • Nicholas Thorburn          
  • Molly Wong       
  • Ben Keane         
  • Jackson Keane
  • Nicole Martin    
  • Hannah Riley     
  • John & Carol Richard
  • Denis Nutt         
  • Ben Frampton  
  • Merriwa Tourist Welcoming Centre & Men’s Shed          
  • Sanskos Café    


  • Doing it for our Farmers
  • Blandford Relay Team
  • Jenny Loasby
  • Justine Cooper


  • Helen Archibald
  • Garry Dawson
  • Lindy Hunt
  • Cassie Fisher
  • Fletcher Shearman
  • Katie Sutcliffe
  • Indi Welsh
  • Gracie Bates
  • Tyla Brown
  • Ryan Clerke
  • Cassie Fisher
  • Lachlan Hails      
  • Josh Ihle            

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