Word on the Street

What is newsworthy to a community is often what people talk about down the street.

Each week we will pay $20 to the person who gives us the best news lead or makes the best news contribution.

Things we may consider when assessing newsworthiness include:

  • How new is it?
  • Is it breaking news?
  • How many people will be interested?
  • How significant is the news?
  • Is it in the public interest?
  • Is it controversial?
  • Was it a first?
  • Was it an exclusive?
  • Is it locally relevant?
  • Does it evoke emotion?

In the interest of transparency we will publish the winning lead and the name of the contributor each week. If you would like to give us a lead, without your name being published, you can simply contribute and opt out for “word on the street” consideration.

As any journalist who has pitched stories to their editor will tell you, newsworthiness is not a mathematical equation, it is highly subjective and the editor has the final say.

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