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September 15, 2020
Aussie Ark Welcomes Eastern Quoll Joeys

FOURTY-SIX Eastern quoll joeys have been born at Aussie Ark this week and will be released into the Barrington Top sanctuaries later this year.  See photos below Since 2017, Aussie Ark has been working tirelessly to repopulate the endangered species, bringing them back to mainland Australia after decades of extinction caused by feral pests, poisoning […]


September 7, 2020
Aussie Ark Makes History With Eastern Quoll Release

TWENTY-EIGHT eastern quolls have been released into the Aussie Ark Wildlife Sanctuary, making them the first quolls to return to the Barrington Tops in 60 years. See gallery below. Approximately 90 quoll’s have now been bred through Aussie Ark’s eastern quoll breeding program, with a record breaking 51 joeys born last year. The Barrington Wildlife […]


August 21, 2019
Another 51 Eastern Quolls in the World!

THE Aussie Ark is proud to announce the arrival of 51 Eastern quolls at their conservation facility on the Barrington Tops. Pouch inspections revealed the 51 joeys, breaking previous breeding records of the cute marsupial, which has been extinct on mainland Australia since 1963. This is the third breeding season for the Easter quolls at […]


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