Emergency Food Needed

Filed in Just In by February 6, 2020

THE drought and fires have resulted in brush-tailed rock wallabies struggling to survive.

The Aussie Ark helped the state government assess the species and they found numerous deceased animals, but approximately 30 were found need dwindling water supplies.

The surviving animals are now receiving food drops and are being monitored by remote cameras until the situation improves.

A surprise food drop for native wildlife. Photo: Aussie Ark.

Tim Faulkner, president of the Aussie Ark, said they have seen female wallaby carrying young and another pair mating.

“Whilst there are encouraging signs that food drops are working and there is still available water in some areas, to find deceased wallabies is an absolute kick in the guts,” said Mr Faulkner.

“The state department response is most welcome and is buying the wallabies time until conditions improve,” he said.

Aussie Ark can currently accommodate 45 wallabies and has plans to double their capacity to help protect the species.

Donations for food drops to support the brush-tailed rock-wallaby are welcome:

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