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FROM starting out helping her dad on a milk run Jane Ryan has always been inspired by the idea of being able to work to get want you want, a philosophy that led to a career in finance placing her in the top ten percent of financial planners nationally with ANZ and establishing her own financial advice business Fox Wealth Advisory.

The knowledge Jane has gathered throughout her career and her own life experience has increased her passion to help people from all types of starting positions to create a better financial position and live the life that they want.


I know what it is like to be independent and wanting to get ahead in life and create a future that I can reflect back on and say I’m really proud of where I’ve got to and I’m grateful for some of the ups and downs I’ve been through because I’ve learnt some really valuable lessons out if it.

To be able to demonstrate to my daughters that despite where you think you are going to be in life, you’ll end up much further away from that and you experience some amazing opportunities and outcomes and you also experience some unexpected pitfalls and it’s how you navigate that and carry yourself through those situations that gets you on that path.

When I was 14 years and 9 months old I went and got a part time job.

When I left school I had a full time job and two part time jobs and I bought my first house at 23 and it was actually an investment property.

I had bought three houses in Newtown and flipped those so I combined my interest in real estate when it was affordable to buy something in Sydney and in my early 20s and fixed three properties in Newtown to make money and set myself up

Then I moved to the country when I began raising a family and we had our own business for five years, so I understand the work that is required when you’ve got your own business that the hours that are needed behind the scenes to balance the books, to get your banking done to focus on the day to day running of the business.

When Jane moved to Scone to raise her family she joined the ANZ bank and enjoyed covering a large geographical area, working in different locations with people from different demographics.

She was awarded Regional Financial Planner four times and was in the top 10 percent of financial planners in the country.

The decision to start her own financial planning business was inspired by her loyal clients who she wanted to actively support on their life long journey to a better financial position.

As a financial planner the right strategy is critical, but it’s also really important to develop an ongoing trustworthy values based relationship with clients.

There are young singles or couples starting out in their 20’s that are looking to buy their first home right through to retirees wondering how they may afford aged care and the relationship I have with them is to relate to them on their level and continue to educate my clients about their situation, their options and make them aware of what their financial footprint looks like.

Sometimes it’s maintaining a really good footprint, or sometimes it’s a long term strategy to get you from where you are now to where it is you want to be and navigating them through those changes long term.

The first thing is to understand where people spend their money, in all the time I have worked in finance there have only been about 20 clients who really had an outstanding understanding of their expenses.

Once you have that though, you can look at how to set up bank accounts to streamline expenses and be in better control of their cash.

We look at what their default position is with their bank loans, their superannuation and we can assess if it is what they need or if there are better options to get them where they want to be.

The more educated someone is the better they can address issues such as getting a mortgage, getting a bank loan for a business idea they are passionate about, having a regular family holiday or moving to a bigger house.

People can make huge improvements to their lifestyle, simply by understanding their money better.

Good financial understanding helps people find the silver lining and see if something they thought was impossible may be within their reach; then we can create the journey to get them there.

Fox Wealth Advisory provides advice on:

  • superannuation;
  • retirement planning;
  • wealth protection;
  • debt management;
  • estate planning, and
  • aged care options.
The Fabulous Fox: Jane Ryan has established Fox Wealth Advisory to give her clients the support they need to reach their financial goals.

The Fabulous Fox: Jane Ryan has established Fox Wealth Advisory to give her clients the support they need to reach their financial goals.