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July 9, 2020
Letter: Aberdeen Street Proposal “I Am Disgusted”

Attention:  The General Manager, Scone Shire Council. Re:  Planning Proposal 1/2018 My husband and I would like to register an objection to this proposal. Our house is in Aberdeen Street, directly opposite the proposed development. Firstly, why is this proposal even being considered, that land is a FLOOD ZONE and Council has always imposed strict […]


November 14, 2019
Letter: $10.8 Million Reasons To Question

To the Editor, On 7 November Upper Hunter Shire Council’s General Manager made several comments on scone.com.au in response to my letter of 23 October.  The response from the General Manager seemed to be like saying, don’t you worry about that, it’s only $10.8 million, just a trifle and nothing to worry about, now off […]


October 23, 2019
Letter: Call for Thorough Independent Review

To the Editor, Four weeks ago Upper Hunter Shire Council launched its Scone Airport Re-Development Project with an Information Session at Scone Aero Club.  This project had apparently been developed secretly over the past four years.  There was no previous consultation with the airport’s 30 stakeholders (owners, lessees and operators of aircraft, airport businesses, land […]


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