Mustangs Of All Description Gallop In To Scone

Filed in Just In by October 21, 2019

PAY’S Air Service rolled open the hanger doors on Saturday to more than 80 Mustang car enthusiasts to see the warbirds and seize a rare opportunity to have their car photographed with the P51 Mustang – CA18, in the Horse Capital.

See photos below.

Brendan Osborne, president of the Mustang Owners Club of Australia – Newcastle and Central Coast chapter

“The tie with the Mustang Club is the P51 Mustang plane so it’s a really cool photo opportunity to have your car and then the plane behind it,” said Mr Osborne. 

“We came up here three years ago and they’d just started doing up one of the Spitfires and one of them was just a crumpled fuselage, so we’ve been keen to see how that’s progressing,” he said.

“Many of the people here haven’t ventured out and been to Scone before and it’s a nice tie in that this is also the horse capital, with Mustangs and ponies.

“It’s a good chance to stretch the legs of the Mustangs and go for a run up the Valley, so a good two hour drive is great.

“A few were that keen they came up last night and had a few beverages at the local pubs and half of us will be staying overnight tonight (Saturday) enjoying Scone,” he said.

“I’d like to thank Pay’s and the Aero Club, we greatly appreciate their hospitality and we feel very privileged to have a private tour,” Brendan Osborne said. 


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