Premier: 20 May Be Allowed By June 1

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THE Premier said the government is in discussions with industry and she wouldn’t rule out allowing 20 people in cafes and restaurants by June 1.

In response to a question asking of regional New South Wales could have more lenient restrictions to allow for more economic activity, the Premier said there would only be one set of rules in New South Wales.

The Premier also said the government was in discussions with regional Universities to explore how quarantine facilities could be put in place for overseas students, but said that would not occur in June or July.

Health Update

  • 3,082 cases of covid-19
  • 2 new cases identified
  • 94 people being treated
  • 3 people in intensive care
  • 2 people are on ventilators

Of the two new cases, one is a student from St Ignatius Riverview and the second is a person who acquired the disease in Victoria. Contact tracing is taking place with each case.

Jobs and Investment

There were 220,000 jobs lost in April, which the Premier described as “beyond our wildest expectations of what could have happened and we don’t want that to happen again.”

The government announced the expansion of the Austral Bricks facility at 

Expansion of Austral Bricks facility at Horsley Park at a cost of $26 million, which will produce 95 new jobs and an investment of $1.8million at a recycling facility in Penrith which will employ 37 people.

The government have invested $1.8billion in capital in western Sydney, which they predict will create 16,000 new jobs.


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