Premier: No New Cases – But We Were Like New York

Filed in Just In by May 12, 2020

PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian has reported there were no new cases of covid-19 reported overnight, from 6,048 people tested, but cautions there are people in the community who may not know they have the disease and it wasn’t long ago that numbers in New South Wales were being compared to New York and Italy.

“We were literally being compared to New York and Italy when we were having 200 cases a day in those couple of weeks at the end of March and April and now we’re literally down to a couple every night,” said the Premier.

“We don’t want to see us losing control of the virus again and we have to be vigilant when we ease restrictions on Friday,” she said.

“…we do know there are people walking around in the community who don’t know they have it.

“And that’s why it’s important to encourage everybody to come forward and get tested, because if you come forward and get tested even with the mildest symptoms, it’s found you’ve got the virus, then all of your contacts also have to be contacted so please make sure all of us remain vigilant.

“If you have even the mildest symptoms please come forward and get tested,” she said.

“The winter months are approaching, please assume you have the coronavirus, don’t assume you have a cold, don’t assume you have the flu,” said Premier Berejiklian.


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