Premier: Regional Travel Being Considered

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PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian said she was worried about infection rates climbing with the the easing of restrictions, but is heartened by the people of New South Wales practicing good infection control measures.

The Premier also said they were considering travel within regional New South Wales and intrastate.

“I don’t support the other state Premiers closing their boarders, but that’s a matter for them,” said the Premier.

“I’d probably feel offended if they told me how to do my job,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to those state boarders coming down, I often joke with the Queensland Premier that I’ll end up going to Auckland before I end up going to Brisbane if we continue the way we are going.

“I think all the states want to continue to do well and if we continue to do well they will be more comfortable in bringing down their boarders,” she said.

“The first step will be allowing travel within regional New South Wales, then intrastate and we are considering those things,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

A staff member at Werrington Public School, was amoung new new confirmed covid-19 cases.

“Please assume that a school community being shut down temporarily will become a frequent activity,” said the Premier.

“We have to assume there are people walking around outside of their homes that have the disease and don’t know it,”she said.

“It does not mean the person contracted the disease at the school, but we know that with the number of schools in New South Wales, there will be cases where people in schools are found to have the disease,” she said.

“Our job is to get people to come forward to get tested so that we can contain and treat it,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kerry Chant said it is important to have a test each time you have symptoms.

“Just because you tested negative ot the test once, does not mean you are not going to get covid in the future,” said Dr Chant.

“If this week you have a running nose, go and get a covid test,” she said.

“If in two weeks time you get a scratchy throat, go and get a covid test,” she said.

“In these circumstances….we need to block any chains of transmission,” Dr Kerry Chant said.

Cyber Crime has increased during the pandemic, with 4,907 incidents reported and another eight officers have been added to the cyber security team.

There are high rates of cyber crime associated with the purchase of personal protective equipment and police are urging the public to be careful and take control of their internet safety: Report Cyber Crime.

Health Update

• 4 new cases
• 110 people are being treated
• 8 people are in ICU
• 6 people are on ventilators

One new case was a staff member at Werrington Public School, which has now been closed for cleaning. The second person acquired the disease from overseas and was in a quarantine hotel. The third person was in metropolitan Sydney and another in northern New South Wales, with sources being investigated.

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