Council Confirm Campbell’s Corner Purchase

Filed in Just In by January 16, 2020

AFTER months of speculation the Upper Hunter Shire Council has this morning confirmed it has purchased the iconic property, Campbell’s Corner at the intersection of Kelly Street and Liverpool Street Scone for $3 million.

The Council statement said the heritage listed building will be restored by Council and “eventually create a new home for the Scone Library and additional community space” and the two-story building will still be commercially tenanted with existing businesses expected to remain.

Council plan to stage the renovations over a ten year period at an expected cost of $1.8million, including replacing the rood and repairing the facade, lighting, fire services, hot water services and ventilation.

Council will take out a loan of $3.5 million to purchase the property, undertake the firsts stage of “essential repairs” and seek grant funding for the construction of the new library space.

Campbell’s Corner has been purchased by the Upper Hunter Shire Council for $3million.

Council expects that the building will provide commercial a revenue stream, including cost savings by not having to pay rent for the current Scone Library premises in the former Council offices building on Liverpool Street. 

Steve, McDonald, general manager of the Upper Hunter Shire Council, said the building deserved the restoration and would complement the revitalisation of Kelly Street.

“Campbell’s Corner needs work and Council will ensure the building is lovingly restored, creating a permanent home for a state-of-the-art library and other multipurpose cultural spaces for the whole community,” said Mr McDonald.

“Rescuing an old building is not cheap and takes time, but in the long run, the community will own an historically important landmark, a permanent and expansive library, and stunning spaces for community and commercial activities,” he said.

“The restoration of Campbell’s Corner will complement the planned revitalisation of Kelly Street post-bypass, but will be funded independently of that project,” Mr McDonald said.

“The Scone building was the fourth Campbell and Co’s department store building constructed in the region. In 1870 Malcolm Campbell built a two storey store in Muswellbrook and the Campbell family lived in the top floor. Muswellbrook Shire Council purchased that Campbell’s Corner building a few years ago and have undertaken extensive renovations,” Steve McDonald said.

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