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THE proposed solution for the railway level crossing issues in Scone is a bypass and an in town rail bridge.

The Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) published the initial designs for the in-town rail bridge in December 2015, which will be open for public consultation until February 19, 2016.

Construction of the bypass is planned to commence in 2017 and the project, including the rail bridge, is due for completion in 2019.

Initially a large overpass was considered for the Kelly Street crossing, which was unpopular with residents because it would have significantly impacted Elizabeth Park and increasing numbers of heavy and oversize vehicles would have continued to use the main street of the township.

Instead, a smaller rail overpass was proposed for in-town traffic, with a two lane town bypass designed to support oversize heavy vehicles.


There are currently three proposed designs for the in town rail bridge.

The RMS will hold drop in meetings at the Scone Motor Inn on January 21, February 4 and February 5.

The preferred option is expected to be finalised by mid 2016.


Option A: Rail bridge at St Aubin’s street.
Option A: A rail bridge at St Aubin's Street, Scone.

Option A: A rail bridge at St Aubin’s Street, Scone.











Key Features:

  • Delivers traffic from the bypass access directly to Kelly Street;
  • No through road created on Guernsey Street;
  • Creates another major intersection at Kelly street, with the traffic management at the intersection not identified in the plan.


Option B: Rail bridge at Kelly Street.
Option B: Rail bridge at Kelly Street, Scone.

Option B: Rail bridge at Kelly Street, Scone.











Key Features:

  • Already a well-used thoroughfare for in town traffic;
  • Designed to allow trucks to continue to exit Moffett Street;
  • Moffett street to be extended through Elizabeth Park;
  • Road for the heavy vehicles to encircle the Park which could impact usability and safety in the Park.


Option C: Rail bridge at Sherwood Street.
Option C: A rail bridge at Sherwood Street, Scone.

Option C: A rail bridge at Sherwood Street, Scone.












Key Features:

  • Convenient access for heavy vehicles using the rail bridge;
  • Inconvenient access for in-town use by residents;
  • Increased vehicle movements through Main Street, Waverly Street, Sydney Street and Phillip Street.

More information on this project can be found on the RMS website.

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