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July 28, 2020
Upper Hunter Rivers Rising

HEAVY rainfall across the Upper Hunter has caused a rise in river levels across the Shire. Below is a table of the most recently recorded river levels, provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. There is a moderate flood warning set for Wollombi Brook at Bulga, which is expected to peak near 3.70 metres at  7pm […]


June 11, 2020
Rainfall Over the Last 24 Hours

THE Bureau of Meteorology recorded the following rainfalls in the Upper Hunter: Aberdeen: 1.2mm  Blandford: 2.6mm Bunnan: 1.0mm Carrowbrook: 9.4mm Cassilis: 1.0mm Cressfield: 3.0mm Dartbrook: 0.8mm Ellerston: 4.0mm Glenbawn: 0.8mm Hunter Springs: 8.8mm Kars Springs: 0.4mm Merriwa: 0.4mm Merriwa Roscommon: 2.0 Moonan: 8.0mm Mount Barrington: 14mm Murrurundi: 2.2mm Parkville: 0.8mm Rouchel: 2.6mm Scone: 1.0mm Stoney Creek: 2.0mm Upper Rouchel: 5.4mm Wingen: 2.0mm


February 9, 2020
New Middlebrook Bridge Christened

IN April 2018, the new Middlebrook Bridge was opened and this afternoon water flowed for the first time beneath the bridge, much to the excitement of locals gathered. Watch video and see photos below: Related story: New Middlebrook Bridge Opened – April 26, 2018.


January 20, 2020
Rainfall in Last 24 Hours

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded the following rainfalls in the Upper Hunter: Aberdeen 0.4mm Bunnan: 4mm Cassilis: 4mm Ellerston: 9.6mm Merriwa: 7mm Moonan: 6.2mm Mount Barrington: 6mm Murrurundi: 3.8mm Scone: 2mm Upper Rouchel: 0.2mm


January 17, 2020
Rainfall Last 24 Hours

THE Bureau of Meteorology reported the following rain measurements in the last 24 hours: Aberdeen: 22ml Barrington: 62ml Bunnan: 21ml Cassilis: 5ml Ellerston: 2ml Glenbawn: 16ml Hunter Springs: 4ml Merriwa: 10ml Moonan Flat: 3.8ml Mount Barrington: 2ml Murrurundi: 22ml Scone: 24ml Upper Rouchel: 2.8ml


January 16, 2020
Are You Getting Rain?

IT is actually raining in Scone, bringing the hope that it may be the “settled in” for the day or days kind! Predicted precipitation by the Bureau of Meteorology was met with Sconite scepticism who are used to rain clouds bypassing the town or only catching a few mils in their rain gauges from a […]


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