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“HELLO” neighbour flyers are being distributed by volunteers in Scone and Aberdeen to help the community during the pandemic.

Sarah Howey delivering the “Hello” flyer yesterday, in Scone.

How to use the flyer:

  • Fill out your details on the flyer, including your name, phone number and tick the boxes for how you can help your neighbour.
  • Drop the flyer to your neighbour.

If you are in a position to help more people in your street or in town, please contact the Scone Neighbourhood Resource Centre for more flyers to give to the people you can support: 02 6545 2562 or register your details with them as a community volunteer.

Please see a copy of the flyer below if you’d like to write up your own.

Lee Watts, manager of the Centre said it was a practical way to support the most vulnerable people in our community during self-isolation.

Pip, Sue and Harriet Abbott, delivering “hello” neighbour flyers. PS: They live together so can be closer than 1.5 metres.

“Many older people and people who are vulnerable are self-isolating already to protect themselves, if we can help them by picking up some groceries for them, medications or just to phone them each day for a few minutes to see how they are going it can make all the difference,” said Ms Watts.

“And it’s not just our older and vulnerable people, there will be people of all ages and families who will need to self-isolate and just knowing that their neighbour is happy to help, puts everyone’s mind a little bit more at ease during these uncertain times,” she said.

Sue Abbott, with her daughter Pip and granddaughter Harriet said they had a great response delivering flyers in Scone yesterday.

“As we dropped off flyers, we chatted to many people in their front gardens who thought it was a great community initiative,” said Ms Abbott. 

“It is such a simple thing we can do to help our neighbours and our community,” Sue Abbott said.

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Feel free to print out the flyer yourself, or simply write a note to your neighbour to connect.

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