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Just In

Paywall: Here to Help

Paywall: Here to Help

THANK YOU to all of the readers who have already subscribed to so far. Hundreds of people registered in the first 24 hours, with a steady stream of people still subscribing. We have had a few people experience some hick-ups with signing in, but we are here to help – even over the weekend […]

Filed in Just In by July 3, 2020


Editorial: Time to Adapt

Editorial: Time to Adapt

THE saying ‘may you live in interesting times’ is certainly true right now as we all adapt to a new world, but there are always some comforting constants and through this time the nature of a small community remains. I’ve always been passionate about the importance of small regional towns having local news and we’ve […]

Filed in Opinions, Recent News by April 20, 2020

Big Issues Locally

Breaking the Chain of Infection

Breaking the Chain of Infection

To help you break the chain of infection of covid-19, to protect you, your family and our community, we are compiling a series of videos: Coronavirus: The Curve and Testing Explained – March 18, 2020 Call To Suspend Medical Certificates – March 19, 2020 Why Soap Works Best – March 30, 2020 Your Mobile Phone […]

Filed in Key Issues, Recent News by March 30, 2020
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