Two More Dogs Attack – Still at Large

Filed in Recent News by October 16, 2018

AT approximately 4:30am today an alpaca was attacked by two German Shepherds in Sherwood Street, Scone.

See video of the dogs below – the dogs are not the same two German Shepherds responsible for killing a pet sheep in Susan Street yesterday.

The owners of the alpacas (who have asked for their names to be removed from the story) said they were glad they happened to be up preparing for work, when they heard a noise at their side gate and then responded to their alpacas bleating.

They estimate the attack only lasted two minutes until they were able to scare the dogs off the alpacas, but the injuries sustained to their family pet “Butt Cheek” are significant and the animal is still undergoing surgical care.

They were able to follow the dogs, which returned to the front yard of a residence in Phillip Street.

After arranging for veterinary care of their alpaca the owners began calling Council’s after-hours number to reach the ranger.

They left messages at 6:25am, 6:51am and 9am before calling the Council landline at 9:20am and receiving a return phone call from Council at 12:25pm.

Council staff informed them that the Council ranger was not available today and they would come and take a statement at approximately 3pm this afternoon.

Concerned that the dogs were still at large, they called Muswellbrook police station at 2pm and claim the officer who answered the phone told them “we don’t really deal with it unless the owners of the animal have directed it to attack and they don’t really take statements over the phone”, but offered to send police to take a statement from them, when there was a car available in Scone.

The same dogs were captured on closed circuit television on the property on Sunday morning and the owners fear they will return tonight or attack someone or something else unless seized.

“The yard looks secure, but they can obviously get out,” said the owner.

“I’m almost 100 percent betting that they’ll be back here tonight, they have a taste for alpacas now,” they said.

The owners are concerned that the dogs may make further attacks on animals or people, especially a child.

At the time of publishing no responsible authority has seized the dogs.

To Report a Dog:

  • In the case of a dog attack or damage to property: Phone Police and record an event number: 02 6542 6999
  • In the case of a nuisance or menacing dog: Phone Council and record a complaint number: 02 6540 1100
  • Council has an after-hours number which can be used to report non-emergency events: 02 6540 1199
  • NOTE: There is a 72 hour period in which a dog can be seized following an attack.

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