Scone Man Sentenced in Maitland

Filed in Recent News by April 13, 2017

By Michael Flaherty

GREG Brown a 59 year old Scone resident went before Magistrate Maiden in Maitland court this afternoon facing charges of commit an act of indecency with a person under 16 years and breaching a five good behaviour bond.

Magistrate Maiden said Mr Brown was on very serious charges and he weighed the best interests of the community in sentencing, noting the lasting affects Mr Brown’s behaviour can have on young people.

Mr Brown who appeared in custody, was charged to 16 months gaol with a minimum period of eight before parole for indecent exposure and a five year bond in relation to an offence in Newcastle last year was revoked and he was sentenced to eight months gaol with a minimum of four months.

The latest offence occurred on Tuesday, February 21 when Mr Brown was on a bus returning to Scone after a court appearance in Newcastle and exposed himself to school girls under the age of 16.

The bus driver diverted the bus full of passengers to Maitland train station and detained Mr Brown until police arrived and placed him under arrest.

In his police statement Mr Brown said he was aroused by the school girls on the bus, was aware they were under the age of 16 and was disgusted in his own behaviour.

Earlier that same day Mr Brown had appeared in Newcastle court for an indecent exposure offence on June 28 last year.

A woman was waiting for her school child in Civic Park, Newcastle, when Mr Brown sat down beside her and began masturbating.

In the police statement they described the breach of the bond relating to this matter as “the accused has shown a blatant disregard for this bond and it’s clearly evident his behaviour whilst in public places won’t change with prior instances like this show he will masturbate whenever he feels the sudden urge to.”

Mr Brown sustained a brain injury from a car accident in 1991, which has resulted in issues with self-regulation and compulsive behaviour.

Prior to 1981 Mr Brown had no charges of indecent exposure, but since has 17 such charges.

In Queensland between 1987 and 1993 Mr Brown had seven charges of indecent exposure and between 1989 and 2012 eight other offences in New South Wales.

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